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About Us

When we talk to you about us, we'd first want to share with you how we came up with the name Digit9.0. The space that we are a resident of is digital; '9' is the highest value a single unit can go up to and we add to it the '0' - India's contribution to the world of numbers. What does it say about our company, we hear you ask. Well, it simply says that in the digital space, we are the greatest and our contribution to your brand/product is as essential as the value '0' adds to the numeric system.

From international movie-projects to your favourite chocolate, we have made people happier about the things that already make them happy. We entertain them for months before a movie entertains them for a few hours. We bring out the desire in them to give in to their temptations, and only because we talk the language that they understand. To create a good social campaign, you first need to be social enough. We at Digit9.0 are the Digital Socialites from whom you want the world to hear about your brand or product.

Having worked with almost every production house in India as well as giant retailers, real estate, travel, FMCG companies (and an ever-growing expanse of sectors), we're always looking forward to new projects. Not only does a new genre, a new product and a new brand get the best of our services, we continue to add substantial value to our existing customers. If what you want to sell is something new, we have our expertise and innovative ideas- and if we have already helped you sell what you want to- you only add experience to the expertise and more innovative ideas!

So when it comes to online marketing, spread the word of mouse through us. Because no one else does it better!



1.International Content Marketing Awards 2010.

2.Croydon Business Awards 2011

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