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Marketing Strategies

About Direct Marketing

In IPRDA  Direct Marketing Fudamentals, direct marketing includes various approaches in which the producer of goods or services directly contacts the end-user. Direct marketing encompasses face-to-face selling, direct mail, catalogs, kiosks, telemarketing, and more. Regardless of the form you choose, there are some critical considerations.

Targeted Campaigns

The criteria for direct marketing begins with a reliable customer database. Other factors include offering greater customer value through a more customized and personalized approach for product and service offerings, distribution processes tailored to meet the needs of customers, and the opportunity to build customer loyalty.

 One of the first criteria for direct marketing is to have a consistent customer profile available which describes the dominant target markets. This information must have sufficient detail to support a customer database.

A customer database quantitatively captures the key characteristics of prospects and customers who are most ready, willing, and able to purchase your product or service. It may offer demographic information about their age, income, education, gender, and previous mail order purchases. In concert with this information, this customer database identifies customers who possess these characteristics.

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Ethical Considerations and Responsibilities

Not all marketing is good marketing. It is important to recognize that some direct marketing techniques contain negative attributes that impact the targeted group. This may include invasion of privacy, deception, or fraud.

Invasion of privacy issues are often associated with telemarketing. How many long distance provider calls have you received in the middle of dinner? “Spam” email messages sent to numerous computer mail addresses clutter inboxes. How many are you receiving each day? These activities can create negative impact on a potential customer, and cost money that could be more effectively spent elsewhere.

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